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Welcome to episode 84 of the High Performance Living Podcast. If you're a regular listener of the show, then you know Anna and I have our Northern and Southern weather jokes. But no matter where you currently are in the country, it's likely you're feeling the current change in seasons. So we decided to chat about some simple tips and strategies that you can instantly apply that will ensure you stay awesome this Autumn. Enjoy the show! 

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We've seen a number of popular diets come and go in the nutrition industry, but none have quite caused such a fuss like clean eating and flexible dieting. When we quickly compare both these dieting protocols, it's clear they promote two very different eating habits and routines. So which one should you use? What's the pro's and con's to each of them? Anna Marsh and I answer these questions plus much more in this weeks episode. Get your pen and paper ready, and let the rants commence! 

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No matter what your goals are, finding motivation to achieve them isn’t always easy. I spend a lot of time helping people to take those first action steps towards their goals. Many do, but the next challenge is to then keep them motivated long enough to see the desired results.

In this weeks podcast show, Anna and I share our top 20 tips to boost your motivation and achieve your goals.

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Welcome to the HPL podcast! On this week's show I'm joined by Anna Marsh, and we dive DEEP into the topic of stress. This is a fresh look into what stress really is, the effect it can have on the body and of course how to reduce and eliminate it. 

As Anna mentions in the show, being able to manage stress can really change someone's life. So this is a show not to miss, enjoy! 

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Hey guys, welcome to episode 80 of my High Performance Living Podcast.

This time I am joined by Ashley Kalym, who is an expert in calisthenics and bodyweight training.

Calisthenics is becoming increasingly popular, and it's likely you are already doing bits of it, like push-ups or pull-ups. Or maybe, like me, you have ventured to more advanced methods like the human flag. And if you can do the flag, you're AWESOME.

So Ashley is here to break down what is calisthenics, the advantages and disadvantages, where to start, his ideal beginner programme and the quipment you might want to use.

This is a great show - enjoy!


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Welcome to the High Performance Living Podcast! This week Anna and I are chatting about our experiences with travelling over the summer. We discuss what we learnt from taking a break and why balance is so important in our High Performance Lifestyles. We also chat why your gym environment is critical to your training success. That's after my recent venture into a commercial gym - it was an eye opener! So enjoy this full fat catch-up! 

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Hey and welcome to episode 78 of the High Performance Living Podcast. This week Anna and I discuss the most important factors to becoming the best trainer or coach you can. We break down: 

- How to stand out in an overcrowded industry 

- How being you and showing your personality is essential 

- Why educating yourself on nutrition, mindset and business is key 

- How to find your niche and ideal client 

- Why every trainer should have a website and a blog 


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Hey guys – welcome to our HPL podcast. I hope you’re doing AWESOME this week. ON this episode we’re taking a slightly different approach, as this is a real life case study with Dan Reader.

Dan and I have been working closely together for over 18 months now, and he has completely changed his body and lifestyle as a result – he has fully embraced High Performance Living.


So we chat about some of the common problems we can face when making changes to our bodies and lifestyle, and how to over come these. There’s plenty of great take home points in here to inspire and motivate you.


Enjoy! Ru

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Hey guys, welcome to the HPL Podcast. Anna and I have an awesome show for you this week. We’ve both just had our DNA and genetic tests back from the lab. So we share our results with you, while chatting about research around this type of testing, and if it’s something you should do too.

Enjoy this week’s show!

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Welcome to episode Welcome to episode 75 of the High Performance Living podcast, and this week Anna and I are chatting about time management. Time is our most important asset we can have, so it’s critical we learn to control it as much as possible.

Perhaps you currently find you have no ‘free’ time to make great tasting meals, squeeze in a gym session or even do the things you really enjoy. Or maybe you just can’t say no to requests or time wasting commitments. Then this podcast episode will show you how to break free of the ‘always busy’ mentality, clear your schedule and find time for what you really want to do.


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