Ru Anderson's High Performance Living Podcast

In this episode I meet up with Rik, GB Paralympic Coach to discus the world of strength and conditioning.

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World Powerlifting Champion Tania George

In this episode Ru speaks with World Powerlifting Champion and coach Tania George of Olympic Gym. They talk in depth about competitive training and nutrition, and why every female should learn to lift heavy weights in the gym. 

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Building More Muscle & Strength

For the first time ever, Ru & Chris dive into their thoughts and learning’s about training to improve body composition and health. 

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Awesome new podcast as Ru is joined by a special new co host. They also answer listener questions and cover the much debated topic of eating fruit for optimal body composition. Enjoy!

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In this episode Ru talks with Paul George who is a gym owner, world powerlifting and bodybuilding champion. Needless to say, there is loads to talk about. 

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