Ru Anderson's High Performance Living Podcast

In this week's show Ru and Anna chat everything you need to know about workout nutrition. They cover their recommendations and guidelines to pre, during and post workout nutrition and supplementation. 

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Is Accountability Your Missing Factor with Steve Parke

In this episode of the HPL podcast I'm joined by fellow coach Steve Parke to chat why he feels accountability could be your missing factor to success with your training and nutrition. 

He shows us his accountable pattern for success, along with his action steps to apply straight away. 

Enjoy the show. 

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The Fuel Of Life - All About Carbohydrates

In this week's HPL podcast Anna and I chat all things carbohydrates. We discuss the role they have in the body, if you really need them and why. If you've ever been confused about carbs and how they should fit into your diet, then this is a must listen show. 

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How To Be Your Most Productive with Jon Goodman

In this week's show I'm joined by fellow coach and author, Jon Goodman. Jon and I chat what it really takes to being our most productive at everything we do. We discuss his key principles to getting sh*t done and doing what we really want in life. This is a true HPL podcast and key learning episode to becoming your best. 


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