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Ru Anderson & Anna Marsh wrap up 2014 with this end of year episode. In this show they chat their biggest 'ah-ha' moments of the year, including business, training, nutrition and lifestyle. 

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Ru and Anna chat about eating great food and staying at your best throughout the Christmas season. They also suggest their ideal Christmas gifts to buy your fellow High Performance friends and family. 

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Ru Anderson is joined by Jonny Watson from Propane Fitness in this weeks podcast episode. Jonny is a national level powerlifter so needless to say they chat about getting brutally strong. In this show, Jonny reveals his system on how to get stronger and smash through your personal bests. 

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This week on the podcast I’m joined by Anna Marsh to chat:

- Optimising body fat levels for peak performance 

- Nutrition programming for young athletes 

- Creatine supplementation for muscle & strength gains

- Explosive training for maximum results in the gym 


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