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Welcome to episode 90 of the High Performance Living podcast. This week Anna and I are chatting about food to make you feel AWESOME. We will be answering the question, can nutrition make you feel happier. To do this we will touching on some of the latest research and theory behind how our diets can effect our mood, as well as share our most effective strategies for you to implement. Enjoy the show. 

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Welcome to episode 89 of the High Performance Living podcast! On this week's show Anna and I are chatting all about boosting your libido. There's a lot of reasons as to why our libido's can decrease, be it in the short or long term. So we break down some of the science that's going on, as well as share our 5 top tips to boosting your libido. 

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Welcome to episode 88 of the High Performance Living Podcast. On this week’s show, Anna and I chat nutrition for strength and power training. 

So if you’re doing any sort of weight training, Olympic lifting, sprinting, then this episode will show you how to fine tune your diet for maximum performance and recovery.


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Hello & welcome to the High Performance Living Podcast, this is episode 87, and today we are chatting all about Nutrition For Endurance Trainers.

You might be thinking that you’re not a endurance trainer, but here’s the thing, anyone participating in 30+ minutes of continuous activity is endurance training. Of course when this extends even longer, such as a marathon, this is considered ultra-endurance. Endurance fitness is therefore of huge importance to many people. 

So where Anna and I step in this week is to highlight why diet is a key factor for successful endurance performance, recovery and health. It’s a great show.

Before that I want to give a big shout out to the HPL community right now – it’s feeling strong – I love it. 

I really enjoyed getting your feedback on the show and all things HPL recently, and I’d love to know what you though of this weeks’ show too. Every week you’ll now find a brand new blog post on my website to accompany the podcast. It would be great to hear your feedback in the comments section of each show.

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Let’s do this.

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