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This week on the HPL podcast, Coach Stevo and I are wrapping our 3 part interview together. 

We've saved the best till last and in this episode we'll give you an action plan so that you can implement all the information you have learnt in this series.

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Welcome back to the HPL podcast. This week Coach Stevo and I are taking your habits even further in Part 2 of the Habit series. 

If you haven't yet listened to Part 1 then I strongly encourage you to start there. Make sure you also check out the previous habit series I have done with my co-host Anna. All this info will truly change the way you think and act on your nutrition. 

And, if you are ready to look and feel your best, then make sure to check out my Exceed Nutrition Coaching Programme that is now open to new clients 


Make the commitment to start and we'll provide you a direct roadmap to healthy eating, one that will kick-start sustainable habits, while quickly taking you to your ideal body and health =>

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Hey, welcome along to the High Performance Living show - it's great to have you here.

This week on the show Anna and I are chatting about our very own training and nutrition routines. And of course we share a ton of tips and tricks on those topics too.

As promised below are links to my brand new nutrition starter guides that you can download for FREE.



Click HERE to download The 5-Step System to Never Diet Again - Woman's Starter Guide


Click HERE to download The 5-Step System to Transform Your Eating Habits - Men's Starter Guide


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Welcome to episode 109 of our High Performance Living Podcast! Over the coming weeks, Anna and I will be showing you everything you need to know in order to create a successful mindset to achieve anything you want. 

That's because our mindset determines the state of the world we live in. It's the foundation for every success and every failure we have had or will have. It can simply make us or break us. 

A simple change in mindset, can change everything. 

The good news is, we control our mindset. This brand new 3 part series will show you how to this and much more. 

Click here to check out the Masterclass special offer for our HPL podcast listeners. 

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Hey and welcome to your weekly does of HPL - it's awesome to have you on board!

This is episode 108, and coming your way on this week's show, Anna and I are tackling the world of Yo-Yo dieting.

We'll be discussing the key problems that lead us into this cycle of heavy restriction and binge eating, plus some key steps to stop it happening to you. And if you're a fellow coach or trainer, we also discuss what we, as an industry should be doing to better help people.

Speaking of coaching, I've put a brand new Resource Pack together for any coaches and trainers who would like to learn more about Habitual Coaching with their clients.

In this pack you'll get my 5 most effective Habitual Coaching Resources to help you clients change their deeply-ingrained eating and lifestyle habits.

Grab your FREE copy HERE.

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It is exactly 3 years ago when I first visited Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

It was only for the typical 3 day weekend break, but I knew instantly I had to return

Today marks my 8 weeks here and during this time I have met many incredible people, ate the most amazing food, had interesting conversations with many strangers and got lost on my explorations. And it’s these unique experiences that carve out our personality, our beliefs, our dreams, our well-being and general outlook on life.

It has given me the opportunity to understand who I am and be in control of how I shape that, so in this episode I share my 5 most important lesson from my experience in Amsterdam.

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Welcome to episode 106 of our High Performance Living Podcast.

I hope you’re ready to get your learn on this week, as I’m joined by Hayden Wilson who is going to share his tactics in order to help us learn better.

In this hyper-connected world with the answer to every question we have just a button away on our smart phones and tablets, the big question we answer is – are we actually still learning what we consume.

This is also a personal topic for me and I share my own difficulties with learning over the years. 

Find out more about Hayden HERE.

Don’t forget to register for my upcoming Online Workshop for Fitness Professionals, which is taking place this Thursday 31st of March at 8PM.

On this workshop I will be sharing the most effective habitual nutrition system to build confidence in your coaching abilities, get better results with your clients and improve your business.

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Our environment is everything we see, hear and do every day. That’s why it’s so powerful, yet also the reason it’s one of the hardest things to get right or change.

Successful people - be it in sport, acting, business or even those who have significantly changed their body and health - have all created the right environment for success.

To wrap up this 3 part series, I’ll show you how to create a productive environment and provide you a step-by-step plan to becoming more productive today.

Click HERE to download your daily MIT’s Planner –it’s free!

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Why do we all put off big tasks or projects?

It all comes down to procrastination, that finds its way into all corners of our lives, from our jobs to eating better and exercising smarter.

We want to achieve great things, we want to be productive, but then we put it off, and it doesn’t happen.

This brand new 3 part series will help you crush procrastination and have you performing at your best in all areas of your life.

If you would like to look and feel your best, just in time for a great summer, then I'd love to help you more. 

Below you will find a very special offer to work with me, and the other HPL members, to rapidly improve your body and health over the next 3 months. 

Together, we'll apply my proven nutrition and training programmes, while ensuring you have all the support and guidance you need along the way. 

As a team, we'll make this feel easy, even fun! 

So if you'd like to follow my simple yet effective programmes, get on-going support and join a community of like minded people who are friendly and motivated, be sure to check this out. 

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Welcome, my fellow HPL’ers to our High Performance Living Podcast.

If you’re wanting to look, feel and perform your best, then you’re in the right place, that’s exactly what we do here.

This week I’ve got an awesome interview for you, with my buddy Ollie ‘Ojay’ Matthews.

I’ve known Ollie for years now and we both share very similar stories of how our passion for nutrition and health came about, plus how we got involved in the fitness industry.

However, we chat a lot more than this, as Ollie dives into his core nutrition and training principles for the athletes he works with. Recently Ollie has worked with professional triathletes, and had 3 clients win an Iron man distance event on the same day in 2014. So I wanted to get him onto the show and chat some more on how he does this.

And if you do really enjoy this chat, then be sure to check out Episode 87 and 88 I recorded previously, which will help you even more with nutrition for strength, power and endurance sports.

I also wanted to give a quick shout out for any new personal trainers or coaches to this show. If you haven’t already tuned into my other podcast show, the FitPro Masterclass, then that’s well worth doing.

Plus, you should also download my ‘Become an Elite Level Coach’ Ebook, which is totally free. In it you’ll learn a proven nutrition coaching system, plus 6 much have templates and recourses.

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What’s up my fellow HPL’ers, welcome to our High Performance Living Podcast. This is episode 92 and on this week’s show, I’m going to show you how to prepare for an awesome 2016. Don’t worry, this isn’t a boring goal setting episode, instead I’m going to share with you 6 key steps to guarantee your next 12 months are the best yet.

Click here to download the Christmas Recipe Ebook 

Merry Christmas! 

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Welcome to episode 88 of the High Performance Living Podcast. On this week’s show, Anna and I chat nutrition for strength and power training. 

So if you’re doing any sort of weight training, Olympic lifting, sprinting, then this episode will show you how to fine tune your diet for maximum performance and recovery.


Click here to learn more about the HPL Coaching Programme.

Click here to get your copy of the HPL Ebook.

Click here to learn more about Anna Marsh.

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Hello & welcome to the High Performance Living Podcast, this is episode 87, and today we are chatting all about Nutrition For Endurance Trainers.

You might be thinking that you’re not a endurance trainer, but here’s the thing, anyone participating in 30+ minutes of continuous activity is endurance training. Of course when this extends even longer, such as a marathon, this is considered ultra-endurance. Endurance fitness is therefore of huge importance to many people. 

So where Anna and I step in this week is to highlight why diet is a key factor for successful endurance performance, recovery and health. It’s a great show.

Before that I want to give a big shout out to the HPL community right now – it’s feeling strong – I love it. 

I really enjoyed getting your feedback on the show and all things HPL recently, and I’d love to know what you though of this weeks’ show too. Every week you’ll now find a brand new blog post on my website to accompany the podcast. It would be great to hear your feedback in the comments section of each show.

And of course, you can also check out the High Performance Living Programme there too. It’s for those who want to improve their nutrition, training and lifestyle, to look, feel and perform at their best. Again, that’s all found at

Let’s do this.

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Hey guys, welcome to episode 80 of my High Performance Living Podcast.

This time I am joined by Ashley Kalym, who is an expert in calisthenics and bodyweight training.

Calisthenics is becoming increasingly popular, and it's likely you are already doing bits of it, like push-ups or pull-ups. Or maybe, like me, you have ventured to more advanced methods like the human flag. And if you can do the flag, you're AWESOME.

So Ashley is here to break down what is calisthenics, the advantages and disadvantages, where to start, his ideal beginner programme and the quipment you might want to use.

This is a great show - enjoy!


If you want to get involved with my coaching, read here ->

And check out the Exceed Masterclass for ambitious FitPros here ->

Get Ashely's book 'Complete Calisthenics' here ->

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Hey guys, welcome to the HPL Podcast. Anna and I have an awesome show for you this week. We’ve both just had our DNA and genetic tests back from the lab. So we share our results with you, while chatting about research around this type of testing, and if it’s something you should do too.

Enjoy this week’s show!

Find out more about the HPL coaching programme here -

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Grab a copy of the HPL book here -


Find out more about Anna Marsh here -


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Welcome to episode Welcome to episode 75 of the High Performance Living podcast, and this week Anna and I are chatting about time management. Time is our most important asset we can have, so it’s critical we learn to control it as much as possible.

Perhaps you currently find you have no ‘free’ time to make great tasting meals, squeeze in a gym session or even do the things you really enjoy. Or maybe you just can’t say no to requests or time wasting commitments. Then this podcast episode will show you how to break free of the ‘always busy’ mentality, clear your schedule and find time for what you really want to do.


Download the free FitPro Ebook 'Become an Elite-Level Coach' here:

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Welcome guys to episode 74 of the HPL Podcast. I trust your High Performance Living is in full swing this week and you're doing AWESOME.

So on this week’s show Anna and I are taking your knowledge of digestive health and gut function to that next level. 

Back in Episode 50, I covered the background, structure and role of the digestive system, along with my go to protocol. In this show, we expand on this to really show you how to assess your digestive health, what to do about it and who to seek help from.

This episode is ideal for those who know something isn’t quite right with their digestive system and need some additional insights and guidance that will help them quickly get back on track to better gut health.

And if you’d like more help with your nutrition to improve your body and health, then be sure to head over to and check out my HPL coaching programmes. Here you can receive tailored online nutrition, training and lifestyle coaching. You can get personal help from my team and I, taking your knowledge and progress to the next level.

Enjoy this week’s show!

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