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In this week's High Performance Living podcast episode, Anna Marsh joins me as we chat about all things calorie restriction. We discuss how this can affect our metabolisms, health and what body issues this might cause. If you have been dieting for a long time, or can't quite find the confidence to start eating more, then this is the show for you. 

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Ru Anderson

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Maximise Your Daily Performance with Andrew McBride

I'm joined this week on the High Performance Living show by Andrew McBride. We chat about his system to maximise your daily performance, whether that's in the gym, with your nutrition or even at your daily work or tasks. We also chat why doing less will increase your effectiveness and how to find what you are really good at. 

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In this week's show Anna Marsh and I chat about chasing perfection. In this modern society we have increasing pressures and stress to be perfect at everything we do. That could be chasing the perfect life, job, home and of course diet or workout programme. 

So Anna and I chat about our own experiences with this, and why it may not always be the best thing for us to do. We'll also show you what to focus on instead.

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Bodybuilding and Diabetes with Phil Graham

In this week's high performance living show, I'm joined by training and nutrition expert Phil Graham ( from elite muscle radio). He is considered one of the UK's leading coaches and shares his thoughts and experiences with tackling and controlling all types of diabetes. 

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Plant Based Nutrition with Fraser Bailey

In this week's show I'm joined by Fraser Bailey and we chat everything you need to know about a plant based/vegetarian diet and lifestyle. We look into the various types of plant based/vegetarian diets, there difficulties, why it might be right for you and how to make plant based meals taste awesome. 

The HPL coaching programme is currently open to enrol, you can grab one of the limited spaces here -

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