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Welcome guys to episode 74 of the HPL Podcast. I trust your High Performance Living is in full swing this week and you're doing AWESOME.

So on this week’s show Anna and I are taking your knowledge of digestive health and gut function to that next level. 

Back in Episode 50, I covered the background, structure and role of the digestive system, along with my go to protocol. In this show, we expand on this to really show you how to assess your digestive health, what to do about it and who to seek help from.

This episode is ideal for those who know something isn’t quite right with their digestive system and need some additional insights and guidance that will help them quickly get back on track to better gut health.

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Enjoy this week’s show!

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Hey and welcome to episode 73 of our High Performance Living podcast. You know this podcast is ALL about becoming your best, so this week Anna and I will be diving into how to design your ideal lifestyle. We will be sharing our very own journey and experiences with making some HUGE changes and adjustments in our life's, in efforts to move closer to our goals. If you truly want to become your best, then this episode will take you a step closer to this. Enjoy! Ru 

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Welcome my fellow HPL'er to episode 72. I've got an awesome interview for you this week as I'm joined by supplement researcher and expert Kamal Patel from He is deep in the trenches with understanding the latest supplement research, so he's here to show us the truth about supplements. We'll be diving into what supplements actually work, along with what supplements to consider for various goals such as health, performance, fat loss and muscle building. Great show!

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This week on the High Performance Living Show Anna Marsh and I are getting our geek on. Well, more so Anna, as she takes us through her latest study topic called psychoneuroimmunology. Now don’t feel too lost already – essentially this is peeling back a layer to the information that we regularly cover on the show. That’s the importance of sleep, stress and nutrition on the human body. This week we connect the dots and how it all links to our nervous and immune systems. 

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For this week's High Performance Living podcast I'm joined by the awesome Ben Greenfield. He's an endurance athlete and fellow coach, who totally share the HPL outlook with his nutrition, training and lifestyle. He even hunts his own meat! So we dive into his core values and what he believes it takes to truly live a meaningful life - one in which you are healthy, happy and satisfied. Great show. Enjoy - Ru. 

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In this week's High Performance Living show, Anna Marsh and I (Ru Anderson) are helping you take action on all the awesome info from this show to ensure you get the best results from it. I reveal my simple yet effective formula for success in your nutrition and training. If you listen to this show and know you need to take more action on its advice then this is the show for you. 

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I'll see you on the other side! 

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Many of us have acquired bad nutritional habits, and we practise these every single day. By changing our daily daily bad habits for improved and healthy habits, the ‘numbers’ usually take care of themselves and impressive results can be achieved from this alone.

From experience there are a number of good habits that most people could do with forming, and then adhering to, every single day. So in this High Performance Living podcast, Anna Marsh and I dive into the importance of habits and how to ditch the bad ones and supercharge the good ones instead. 

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Enjoy the show!

Ru Anderson   

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In this week's High Performance Living show, Anna Marsh and I chat about staying on track with your nutrition and training when travelling. We look into our favourite top tips and travel friendly techniques to ensure you stay awesome while jet setting. We also look into how to reduce the dreaded jet lag when doing long haul flights. 

So whether you're planning a week away or are a seasoned traveller, this is a must listen  episode. 

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Enjoy the show! 

Ru Anderson

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Dan John is a legend within the health and fitness industry. In this episode he shares many great stories and lessons he's learnt from his years of experience from coaching and being an athlete.

He also shares his core values around nutrition and training, with a focus on why the fundamentals are so important - not just for beginners, but elite athletes too. 

A show not to miss. 

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In this weeks HPL podcast Anna and I, chat:

- What's going on in the inside of our bodies when ill,

- The best foods to eat when sick and why,

- And weather or not you should be training in the gym.


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