Ru Anderson's High Performance Living Podcast
Building More Muscle & Strength

For the first time ever, Ru & Chris dive into their thoughts and learning’s about training to improve body composition and health. 

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Awesome new podcast as Ru is joined by a special new co host. They also answer listener questions and cover the much debated topic of eating fruit for optimal body composition. Enjoy!

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In this episode Ru talks with Paul George who is a gym owner, world powerlifting and bodybuilding champion. Needless to say, there is loads to talk about. 

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Ru and Si go into the details of nutrition and training for the female menstrual cycle. 

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Join Ru & Si for their first ever guest interview podcast with nutrition and gut health experts Cliffe and Marta from Wilde Performance. In this episode they look at the digestive system and how to resolve the key problems to leaky gut. 

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How Many Meals Do You Really Need

In this episode Ru & Si dive into how many meals you should be eating and why. They also cover the benefits of balancing the pH levels of the body and how you can do this. Plus they cover all this weeks listener questions. 

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Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting

In this episode Ru & Si dive straight into listener questions about intermittent fasting. Learn the various IF protocols, when to use then, who they are for and the benefits of doing so. 

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Contest Prep Essentials

In this Episode Ru & Si look into crazy dreams, contest prep, intermittent fasting and carb back loading.

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The Modern Superfoods & Essential Supplements

In this episode Ru & Si look into the modern superfoods, essential supplements and the facts you need to know about cholesterol. Time to get your learn on. 

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Should You Be Flexible Dieting

In this episode Ru and Simon cover the micro nutrients, flexibile dieting and nutrition & training requirements for different body types. 

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