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This week on the podcast I’m joined by Gen Gordon, a director of Tactic Counsel (

We chat about business within the health and fitness industry, something that’s new on the HPL podcast and a topic that I’ve never previously talked about.

Gen specialises in brand marketing for coaches and athletes, as well as sports sponsorships. So if you’re a trainer or coach working in this industry, this is a must listen podcast.

We chat:

- The key aspects to consider when starting your own fitness business

- The fundamentals to creating a brand and identity in the industry 

- Why identifying your core values is essential

- How to create sustainability in a busy and competitive industry 

- The benefits to gaining sponsorship and what this really means

Full fat show and one not to miss.


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This week on the HPL Podcast I’m joined by fellow nutritionist Anna Marsh to answer

your questions.


We chat:


- Balancing your meals for maximum performance


- Do we really have body fat set points


- Understanding your hormones for optimal fat burning


- The real benefits of having a ‘re-feed’ day when dieting


- Does intermittent fasting work for females


- Maintaining muscle and strength while endurance training


- Does DNA testing really work and why


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This week I have yet another special interview podcast.

It’s with one of the UK leading strength and conditioning coaches, Andy Mckenzie.

Andy’s expertise is founded on his impressive military background, his broad experience as an elite S&C coach, and his outstanding performance as an athlete.

​He lives and trains by his I AM philosophy.

In 2012, Andy brought together all of his skills and knowledge to create The Training Lab – one of the most ambitious gym projects in the UK.

And now, you can experience IronMac’s methods for yourself:

In this podcast we chat:

{+} why chasing performance is a key factor to changing your physique

{+} the importance of mobility in your training routine

​{+} the negative consequences of ‘transformation’ diets and protocols

{+} Andy’s core values when training his clients

{+} Andy’s exact coaching process to eating right

{+} the importance of coaching and its responsibilities

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I got a great question this week…

‘Ru, should I start running to burn more fat?’

My answer:


Of course, I had to explain myself a little bit more than that…

And I wanted to share the exact reasons as to why I know running sucks and how it can actually make you look worse for you efforts.

Yup, tis true. Honest.

I explain all on this weeks podcast with Anna Marsh.

We also chat:

{+} why your body type shows you important information on how to train and eat right for you.

{+} the benefits to buying local organic and free range foods vs supermarket mass market produce

{+} why we should all be constantly learning and being better at what we do

{+} how to boost testosterone naturally and safely for building muscle and staying healthy

It’s a full fat show, and one not to be missed.


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This week on the HPL podcast I’m joined by fellow nutritionist and coach Anna Marsh to chat all things training & nutrition.

We chat:

- Anna’s personal journey into nutrition 

- Her 3 step process to coaching clients 

- The benefits of functional nutrition and applying it 

- Why we should be always chasing performance to improve our physiques

You can find out more about Anna here:

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It’s here, finally ready for your listening pleasure.


My latest HPL podcast with Layne Norton.


And if you don’t currently know who Layne is, you should.


This is a must listen podcast, no question about it.


This is the information that everyone should be focusing on,

learning more about and putting into ACTION.


In it, Layne and I chat:


{+} Layne’s personal journey with nutrition and training


{+} achieving the ‘champion’ mindset for success


{+} setting effective goals for awesome results


{+} why hardcore diets are failing you


{+} clean eating Vs flexible dieting


{+} getting lean with ice cream, popcorn and pizza


{+} the importance of reverse dieting (the diet after the diet)


{+} much, much more

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This weeks podcast is simply awesome.

I’m joined by fellow nutritionist Alex Ferentinos to chat shop.

If you don’t know Alex, then you are about to be enlightened…

Alex’s growing reputation has lead him to become a leading authority in the world of nutrition and training.

He’s also a cool, down to earth and VERY knowledgeable guy.

The best bit, we seem to agree on most things.

So when we bashed heads and recorded this exclusive interview, we covered some great topics that you don’t want to miss out on.

We chat:

{+} The secret ingredient to optimal health

(+} Why the nutrition basics are SO important

{+} Long-term nutrition success strategies to great eating

{+} The most forgotten component to getting insane results from your training

{+} Why the ‘go hard or go home’ mantra is holding you back

{+} Our favourite recipes & snacks

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Matt & Keris from Fitter Food join Ru Anderson to discuss all things nutrition, health and lifestyle. 

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In this episode you can listen to a great interview from the SFN Expo

with WBFF Pro Jamie Alderton, we talk:


- Jamies personal journey into fitness

- Competing at the top level

- Jamies nutrition and training fundamentals

- Midset for success

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In episode 28 of the HPL Podcast, Chris and I answer your questions:

- Should I be training differently for fat loss, and if so what?

- Is it best to keep carbs low on non-training days or skip all together?

- Whats your view on the low FODMAP diet?

- What’s your favourite nutrition routine for someone training fasted in the AM?

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